Now available in beta, Performance Mode in Socialive Studio shifts the heavy lifting to the cloud, so you can broadcast higher-quality video with less processing power.

Produce great-looking broadcasts with just about any modern computer. You'll see a more consistent frame-rate for smoother video across all of your distribution channels.

  • Efficient Processing: Lower processing requirements enables most computers to broadcast high-quality video, even without a dedicated graphics card (GPU).

  • Improved Network Tolerance: Improved ability to handle and recover from fluctuations in network conditions.

  • Higher Video Quality: Maintains a higher bitrate and consistent framerate for smoother, higher-quality video

  • Optimized A/V Synchronization: Minimizes the stream conditions that can cause audio/video to desync

Enable Performance Mode

To enable Performance Mode: 

  1. Click the Info icon in the top toolbar of Socialive Studio

  2. Flip the switch next to Performance Mode (beta)

Why "beta"?

While Performance Mode is largely complete, a small number of features and open items remain. By making it available in beta, we can collect feedback and measure results across a much larger range of computers and network conditions.

Features not yet supported

  • Support for Portrait and Square broadcasting

  • Ability to replace a video’s audio track with a local microphone 

  • Support for a one-way, mobile camera feed (two-way, live guests are working as expected)

Known issues

  • When auto-transitioning at the end of a pre-recorded video, the video may pause for ~0.2s before showing the next item

  • Stopping and restarting a screenshare while it's "live" may not restore the screenshare in the broadcast.

  • Errors may occur if internet access temporarily drops during a live broadcast

Please share your findings and feedback through our in-app support chat or to

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