The article covers:

  1. Checking your browser version (do not visit About)
  2. Disabling Chrome auto-update on a Mac
  3. Disabling Chrome auto-update in Windows

Step 1: Go to chrome://version/ 

Ensure that you are not using Chrome 77. Our team has identified a critical bug in the next version of Chrome (Chrome 77.0.3865.77).

🚫Do not visit "Chrome > About Google Chrome"
This will trigger Chrome to auto-update the next time you restart it. 

Instead, you can check your current version by entering chrome://version/  in the address bar:

What if I already have Chrome 77?
Follow these instructions for installing a previous version.

Step 2 (Mac): Disable auto-update on a Mac 

This works to stop Google Chrome from updating itself automatically in Mac OS X:

  1. Close Google Chrome
  2. Launch the Terminal, found in /Applications/Utilities/
  3. Enter the following command and hit return:
    defaults write checkinterval 0
  4. Exit out of Terminal 
  5. Restart Google Chrome

Now auto-update should be disabled in Chrome.

Step 2 (Win): Disable auto-update on Windows

  1. Chose Chrome completely
  2. On Windows 10, go C:\Program Files\Google\Update\ or C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Update\ 
  3. Rename the “GoogleUpdate” application file, to something like “GoogleUpdate1”.

Now auto-update should be disabled in Chrome.

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