Some distribution platforms must receive a few seconds of video streaming in order to successfully create a live video post. The STARTING animation is displayed for as long as it takes these platforms to confirm that the stream is ready to post.

How do I replace the "starting" animation?

To replace the "starting" animation, place an image (1280 x 720) in the first position of your Timeline. If the first item is an image, Socialive will stream that image instead of the animation.  

What if the first item is a camera or video?

If the first item in your timeline is a video or camera, Socialive will stream the "starting" animation to ensure that the distribution platforms do not clip the first few seconds of your content.

Recommendation: always start with an "intro" image

Always use an "intro" image to kick off your broadcast. You can immediately transition to a video or camera once your broadcast begins if needed.

  • Give your audience some time to join
  • Set the look & feel
  • Reinforce key messaging and calls to action
  • Let viewers know what to anticipate
  • Reinforce branding
  • Give yourself time to settle in before transitioning to a live camera

Here's an example:

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