After you successfully complete a broadcast, you may want to grab highlights from that broadcast to share out with your internal team, post to your social channels, or use in your future broadcasts. In the past, the only way to do so was to download the entire broadcast to your computer and create the clips through a third party application. Now, you can do so directly through Socialive with the new clip feature.

How to create a clip

1. Find and click on the Broadcast you want to clip in your "Completed Broadcasts."

2. Click on the "..." button on the recording you want to clip, click on "Clip this recording."

3. This will bring up the Clip modal, use the sliders or the text boxes to set the start and end time of your clip.

4. Once you're happy with how the clip looks click on "Create clip" you will see a message in the top right that will let you know that your clip was created successfully. Feel free to create multiple clips in the same session.

5. After you're done creating your clips, close the clipping modal and click on the "Clips" tab to see all the clips you created for this Broadcast.

6. From there you can "Download" your clips or send them to your media library to use in a future Broadcasts.

Send a clip to Socialive Studio to use in a future broadcast

1. Find the clip you want to use in your broadcast and click the "..." button next to it, you will see an option to "Add clip to Media library."

2. Click that and you'll get a confirmation in the top right corner that the clip was sent successfully.

3. Next time you go into Studio, look inside your "Media" to find your clip, ready for the next broadcast.

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