When you create a broadcast, you can choose to publish it live across any of your social or digital channels, or you can simply a record a copy for internal use. 

Recording is useful when you want to: 

  • Practice a live broadcast
  • Record now and publish live at a later time
  • Upload the broadcast to another platform or CMS
  • Provide footage for a creative team

Record a broadcast internally

When you create a new broadcast, you may choose to Broadcast live or Record a video

When you select Record a video, you'll notice that the Broadcast panel in Studio shows recording options rather than distribution options:  

In "Record only" mode, your broadcast will not be seen publicly. If instead you would like to broadcast live to your channels, click the "Broadcast" option to restore distribution settings. 

Record to my Socialive account:

When checked, your broadcast will be recorded to your Socialive account and will appear under Completed Broadcasts

Record to my computer:

When checked, a high-quality recording of your broadcast will be saved directly to your computer.

Note: you must check at least one recording option in order to "Start Recording".

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