You've been invited
When a host invites you to join a broadcast, you will receive an email invitation. Tap the Join the Broadcast button in the email.

Make sure you are in GUEST mode
From the main Dashboard screen, select the broadcast you were invited to join.

If you are joining for the first time, be sure to select Join as a guest. You can change this later under the Settings menu.

Tap to join
When you are ready to enter the Green Room, tap the red button.

Green Room
The Green Room is a virtual conference where the host and guests can communicate before a broadcast or recording begins.

  • In the Green Room, you see the host and other guests in video thumbnails.
  • At the bottom right, you will see a BROADCAST HAS NOT STARTED status.
  • The status bar at the top is color-coded green and says GREEN ROOM.

Standing By
When the host starts the broadcast, the guest thumbnails disappear and the live broadcast or recording appears at the bottom right.

  • As a guest, you can monitor the live broadcast or recording using the bottom-right thumbnail.
  • The status bar at the top turns yellow and says BROADCAST IN PROGRESS – STAND BY.

You're Live
When the host brings you on-screen, the status bar at the top turns red and says YOU ARE LIVE.

  • When you are live, the audio from the broadcast is muted.
  • If your host is conducting a split-screen conversation, you will see a video thumbnail of the other participant.

Once the host ends the broadcast or recording, the broadcast will close out and you will return to the Guest Dashboard.

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