You've been invited
When a host invites you to join a broadcast, you will receive an email invitation. Tap the Join the Broadcast button in the email.

Create a Socialive Account
When you tap the Join the Broadcast button for the first time, you will be prompted to create a Socialive account.

Once you create the Socialive account, you can select the Broadcast to join additional guests in the green room.

How to join as a live guest in the Socialive mobile app Tap to join
When you are ready to enter the Green Room, tap the red button.

Green Room
The Green Room is a virtual conference where the host and guests can communicate before a broadcast or recording begins.

  • In the Green Room, you see the host and other guests in video thumbnails.

  • At the bottom right, you will see a BROADCAST HAS NOT STARTED status.

  • The status bar at the top is color-coded green and says GREEN ROOM.

Standing By
When the host starts the broadcast, the guest thumbnails disappear and the live broadcast or recording appears at the bottom right.

  • As a guest, you can monitor the live broadcast or recording using the bottom-right thumbnail.

  • The status bar at the top turns yellow and says BROADCAST IN PROGRESS – STAND BY.

You're Live
When the host brings you on-screen, the status bar at the top turns red and says YOU ARE LIVE.

  • When you are live, the audio from the broadcast is muted.

  • If your host is conducting a split-screen conversation, you will see a video thumbnail of the other participant.

Once the host ends the broadcast or recording, the broadcast will close out and you will return to the Guest Dashboard.


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