Elevate your production by adding a background to your broadcast. This is a great way to add depth to your content. Background can be still images or video.

When you select a layout that has empty space, like the one above, instead of showing black in that empty space, you can choose a background video or image from your media assets to appear.

How to Add a Background

  1. Click on Media in the Live Sources panel.

  2. Hover on the asset you'd like to use, and click the drop down menu.

  3. Select Set as Background.

See Uploading Media for more information on adding content to the Media tab.

Please Note: Backgrounds are applied to each scene in your broadcast.

Background Specifications

Make sure your background is sized based on your intended orientation, or aspect ratio. We recommend the following dimensions:

  • Landscape (16:9): 1280 x 720

  • Square (1:1): 720 x 720

  • Portrait (4:5): 576 x 720

  • Full Portrait (9:16): 405 x 720

Feel free to either create your own custom backgrounds or you can find free stock backgrounds on the web.

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