With the release of Mojave, there has been an added system-level permission that can block Socialive's ability to access the camera and microphone. 

If blocked, Socialive users on Mojave will be unable to access their camera.

This issue can be fixed by following these steps:

  1. Open up System Preferences on your computer. (You can use Spotlight Search to find this quickly by hitting the Command + Space keys)

  2. Open Security & Privacy

  3. Under the Privacy Tab select Camera

  4. If you see Google Chrome unchecked, check it in. 

  5. Select the Microphone option and do the same. Make sure Google Chrome is checked in to let Socialive access your microphone.

  6. Start or refresh your broadcast and your FaceTime camera will appear under the live sources tab. 


If you are still unable to enable your microphone and/or camera after performing the steps above, please contact the Socialive Support Team at support@socialive.us

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