Bringing guests into your live broadcasts is a great way to create engaging content that can generate increased engagement. We've revamped the SocialiveGo app to make joining and taking part in broadcasts easier than ever.

Joining a broadcast: "Guest" or "Camera"

There are two options for joining a broadcast: join as a live Guest or connect as a remote Camera. You can switch between these modes under Settings.

Guest (two-way)

When you join a broadcast in Guest mode, you can communicate live with other participants. The host will be able to see your stream and include you in interview-style broadcasts. 

Guest mode real-time (low-latency), so it may be more sensitive to network conditions. iPhone 6/7 can typically join broadcasts with up to 3 participants. iPhone 8/X can typically join broadcasts with up to 4 participants.

Camera (one-way)

Use Camera to operate your mobile device as wireless/remote camera feed for Studio broadcasts. It produces a higher-quality stream with less sensitivity to network conditions, but you will not be able to see or hear other participants or the live broadcast. 

Change between Guest and Camera modes

To switch between Guest and Camera,

  1. Go to Settings 
  2. Tap Join broadcasts as a
  3. Select the mode 

Joining a broadcast as a live guest


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