Since there is several steps for both Hosts and Guests to follow, I will break up this article for both roles to follow.

Hosts -
First, we need to invite our guest broadcasters by clicking on the "Invite a Broadcaster" button in the bottom left of your broadcast.

Enter their email and send the invitations to all of your guests required for your broadcast.

Guests -
(Hosts can also send their guests a link to this video for instructions on joining)
Guests will receive an email, in which it is important that they pay attention to the  'Account Name' listed.

They should click on the link in the email and log into/register their Socialive account.

Once they've logged in they need to select the account name listed in the invite email from the drop down menu in the upper right hand corner of Socialive's dashboard.

Once the account is selected they may 'Join'.

Before they enter the green room they have the options to select and external cameras/microphones by clicking on the green icons in the lower right hand side of the screen. Once they are ready they may again click "join" to be taken to the green room.

Hosts -
As a host you are in charge of setting up the broadcast's timeline, graphics, & any split screen layouts.

By clicking on the Layouts tab at the bottom of Socialive you can select the layout that works best.

The window with the dark grey silhouette is populated via selecting sources that are in the broadcast Timeline while the light grey windows are populated via drag and drop from the Live Source tab.

Keep in mind, you can only drag and drop sources from the Live Source tab and not from the Timeline

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