***Requires iPhone/iPad, iPhone/iPad USB Cable, and a Mac with Quicktime player***

This video highlights an easy work around to get a live comment feed into your broadcast with equipment and tools you most likely already have.

Lets first connect our iOS device to our computer via the USB cable then open Quicktime.

With Quicktime open we'll want click 'File' at the top and select 'New Movie Recording'.

A screen, most likely with your 'Facetime HD Camera' will now open. There is a small down arrow next to the record button at the bottom of that screen which you will want to click on. Now select your iOS device from the dropdown menu.

You should now see your iOS device's screen mirror in Quicktime.

Now back in Socialive we want to click on 'Screen Share' in the Live Sources tab. Now in this window we will select 'Applications' and choose the Quicktime option with your iOS device being displayed.

Now go to the Layouts tab at the bottom of Socialive's dashboard and select a split screen option to display both our speaker and the live comments.

**Note: LinkedIn, Facebook, Youtube, and all social platforms have varying degrees of delay. So when you present a question expect 30 seconds to a minute for your viewers to actually hear the question/message and begin to respond in your comment section.

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