We'll first click on the Socialive Player icon in the distribution section.

Next click "add a player" and engage this new player.

Next let's click on the carrot (down arrow)  and click Edit. This will take us back to our dashboard where the player can be renamed to keep track of our stream's destinations.

To the right is the embed code which is what we need to copy and paste into Wix.

From Wix we'll click on the "Add" button

We'll go down to "More" and from here will go to the "Embeds" option and choose "HTML embed".

Click on that drag to your desired player location and the select "Enter code" and paste our embed code.

You will now see your player appear on screen. If not, go back to Socialive's player  in the dashboard and be sure you copied the entire embed code.

Now that our player is showing in Wix we can click "Save" and head back to Socialive to begin our broadcast.

If you are selling products, simulcasting to all of your social channels & pages and reminding your viewers to follow a link to your Wix site for private events, flash sales, product releases, and special offers will maximize your return. Keep this in mind as you plan your broadcast and prepare assets and post copy with these instructions for your viewers.

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