After LinkedIn launched video in mid-2017, video quickly became the fastest-growing format on the platform, notching the highest rates of user engagement. So it comes as no surprise that LinkedIn is venturing into live video — a format that outperforms regular video by a factor of 10.

Currently piloting — and available only to a small group of users — LinkedIn Live will eventually allow select people and organizations to livestream video to LinkedIn’s global audience of more than 610 million.

Currently LinkedIn Live is available only to a small group of users. Reach out to your Socialive Customer Success representative or contact us via chat to request access to the LinkedIn Live whitelist.

As a LinkedIn Live partner, Socialive allows users to create polished LinkedIn livestreams — with multi-cam options, branded titles and graphics, and dynamic split-screen layouts.

Broadcast to LinkedIn

Once your LinkedIn account has been approved for livestreaming, you can add your profile page or company page(s) to your Socialive account.

To add a LinkedIn page to your account:

  1. Click on the LinkedIn icon in the distribution bar.

  2. Under LinkedIn, click "Add account."

  3. Select whether to add your personal Profile page or your Company page(s). Currently LinkedIn does not support simulcasting to profile and company pages set up by the same user.

  4. After logging into LinkedIn and authorizing access, you can select which pages to connect.

  5. Once selected, you and other broadcasters within the account will see these pages listed as distribution options.

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