Adding a Poll to your broadcast will increase engagement by driving viewer reactions during your livestream and is a great way to gain viewer insights and collect data about viewer preferences.

To create a Poll: 

  1. Go to Socialive's Portal and log in > click on the ENGAGEMENT tab at the top > then click POLLS. Keep in mind, you can only create a Poll if you're an Admin for your account.

  2. On the next page, enter a name and optional display title for your Poll.

  3. Next, select the reaction icon(s) for your Poll and enter any text you'd like to appear beside each reaction.

  4. Select a background color, then select the "SAVE POLL" button.

After saving, your Poll will be available in the desktop Broadcaster application by clicking the Overlay button and selecting the "Polls" tab

To edit a previously saved poll, select your Channel, then choose from the "Edit Poll" dropdown menu.

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