You can easily mute the audio for any local camera, screen share, or video asset within a Scene. This comes in handy when using a multi-source layout, such as split-screen or picture-in-picture. For example, you may choose to mute one source if you are using:

  • A local camera to speak over a video asset in the background

  • A local camera to speak over a screen share in the background

  • Two local cameras (and therefore, two microphones) in the same room


  1. Within your multi-source layout scene, hover over the video/screen share/background camera source, and click the microphone icon.

  2. Select No Audio (Mute). This will remove the source's audio from your broadcast.

  3. You can also mute a live source from the Live Sources panel. Click the drop-down (a) and select No Audio (b).

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