This article will go over the steps to join a broadcast as a guest from an iOS device.


To join a broadcast as a guest, you need to have:


  1. Get your device ready for the broadcast by:

    1. Turning off Portrait Lock

    2. Turning on Do Not Disturb Mode

    3. Close all other apps running in the background

  2. Open the Socialive app and log in to your Socialive account.

  3. The Join tab will appear, displaying all broadcasts you've been invited to participate in. Find the right broadcast and tap Join to enter the broadcast.

  4. Turn your device horizontally and tap Continue.

  5. In the Green Room lobby, you will see some buttons to the right of your screen. Below is an overview of these features:

    1. Join Green Room: Tap on the green button on top of your video feed or the green arrow at the top-right corner.

    2. Switch Camera: Tap to switch between the front and back camera of your device.

    3. Mute: Tap on the mute icon to mute and unmute yourself.

    4. Settings: Tap to access the advanced settings:

      • General Settings:

        • Automatically mute backstage participants

        • Show guides: When enabled, guides will appear on the screen to help position yourself within the frame.

        • Show live guests only: When enabled, backstage guests will be hidden from the gallery view to focus on the live participants.

        • Access iOS Video Effects: Tap here to enable Portrait Mode or Center Stage Mode (on supported devices only).

      • Adjust Settings: Drag the dials to adjust your brightness, temperature, and saturation. By default, auto-adjustment is enabled.

    5. Back: Tap to exit the Green Room lobby.

  6. Tap Join Green Room.

  7. Welcome to the Green Room. This is where you can see and interact with the producer and other guests.

    • You will be able to see other guests and the producer in the gallery view.

    • Tap on a guest's feed to open the options menu where you can pin their video, mute their audio, fit their video feed to the frame, and reload their video.

    • Tap on the Guest icon at the top-left corner to see the Guest List. From here, you can tap on a guest's name to pin or maximize their video or tap on the speaker icon next to their name to mute them (to yourself only).

    • Tap on the message icon at the top-left corner to open the chat. This is where you can communicate with the producer and other guests in the Green Room.

    • Tap on the Health Status monitor at the top-left corner to see your health stats. The health monitor shows 5 different statuses: Great, Good, Okay, Poor, and Bad, depending on the quality of your video feed. Tap on the health monitor icon to see other stats such as your Frame Rate, Resolution, and Bitrate. You can also enable the stats to appear in the status bar, or enable Energy Saver mode.

    • When Energy Saver mode is turned on, you will only see your own video feed, and all other participants' video feeds will display their initials and will be audio-only to conserve resources on your device.

    • Tap on the end call button on the right-hand side to leave the broadcast. This will prompt you to confirm that you want to leave the broadcast.

    • Tap the microphone icon on the right-hand side to mute and unmute yourself throughout the broadcast. This will mute you to other guests in the Green Room and the audience if you are live.

    • Tap the record icon on the right-hand side to start a recording. You can choose between recording in 1080p or 4K resolution (only available in devices with 4K cameras). To record in 1080p resolution, you will need at least 2GB per 1 hour of recording, while for recording in 4K, you'll need at least 7GB per 1 hour of recording.

    • Tap the settings on the right-hand side icon to access the advanced settings. These are the same settings you have access to from the Green Room lobby.

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