Receiving an Invitation 

When you’ve been invited to participate in a broadcast, you’ll receive an email invitation with links to create a new Socialive account or sign into an existing account.

Accessing the Socialive Studio

If you’re new to Socialive and creating a new account, enter the requested information (Name, Location, Email Address, Password) the click the LOG IN button. 

On the next page, look for the broadcast and click the “Join Broadcast” link on the right side of the screen. 

Configuring Your Setup

When the Studio window opens, you'll see a preview window in the middle of the screen with dropdown menus to choose the source for your local video and audio. 

Choose the right configuration for your setup and click the JOIN BROADCAST  button at the bottom of the page to appear in your producer's source choices.

Participating in the Broadcast

After joining the broadcast, you'll see the other sources who are currently part of the broadcast, as well:


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