This article covers:

  • Scheduling a live broadcast in Facebook
  • Broadcasting to a scheduled event in Socialive

Scheduling a Live Broadcast in Facebook

Navigate to your managed page, and choose "Live Video" in the new post field:

The next page will default to your computer's camera. Choose "Connect" at the top of the page:

  1. Confirm the broadcast destination in the 2 drop-downs on right-hand menu.
  2. Enter the broadcast description.
  3. Enter a location for the broadcast
  4. Target your broadcast geographically (see this article on how to optimize audience for posts).
  5. Enter a title for the broadcast.
  6. Choose "Schedule" at the bottom of right-hand menu.

After pressing, "Schedule," a window will pop-up:

  1. Set your scheduled broadcast time.
  2. Upload a custom image. This image will reach followers when they are notified of the scheduled broadcast.
  3. Press "Schedule" again.

Your followers will immediately receive a notification of your scheduled broadcast. 

Streaming to a Scheduled Event in Socialive

After logging into Facebook in Socialive, your scheduled broadcast will appear under the "Scheduled Events" tab of the "Manage Facebook" window:

Make sure to toggle "ON." Once you start broadcasting, the video feed will reach Facebook.

If you start the stream in Socialive before the scheduled start time in Facebook, the broadcast will not push live to your followers.

If Facebook is receiving the video feed, the broadcast will reach your followers at the scheduled start time.

Facebook permits a 10 minute window after the scheduled start time, so don't worry if you're not ready at the exact start time. Nothing will broadcast to your viewers until Facebook receives a video feed from Socialive.

If you do not go live in the 10 minute window, your broadcast will be deleted.

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