One quick way to create overlay graphics is to download this Socialive Graphics Template and open it in (a free online drawing tool):

  1. Download the Socialive Graphics Template
  2. Open the template file in
  3. Customize each graphic 
  4. Select a specific graphic (usually a "group" of objects)
  5. File > Export as > PNG
  6. Use the following export settings:

Example dimensions

Full-width lower-third: 1280 x 150 px
This example shows full-width lower-third graphic

Corner bugs, Logos, or Watermarks: 150 x 150 px
A example shows a logo in the upper left corner:

Full-screen overlays: 1280x720 px
You can cover the entire screen with an overlay graphic sized to 1280 x 720px. 

Keywords: watermark, water mark

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