Streaming to Twitter is managed through Periscope, so first make sure you are logged in to Periscope and it is linked to your Twitter page.

This article covers:

  • Authorizing a Periscope account

  • Titling a broadcast for Twitter & Periscope

Authorizing a Periscope Account

Periscope accounts can only be added and removed by Socialive account administrators. Once an administrator has activated a Periscope account, any broadcaster with access to the Socialive account can stream to Periscope and Twitter, on any device.

Click here for information on how to edit Socialive account roles

Periscope accounts only need to be activated once, not on a per-broadcast basis.

When you're ready to stream to Twitter and Periscope in Socialive, simply click on the Twitter or Periscope icon within Socialive. Both will provide the same pop-up:

A Socialive admin can authorize Periscope accounts as distribution options within Socialive, allowing any user on the Socialive account access to stream to those pages. Or, Periscope accounts can be accessed via RTMP.

  1. To authorize a Periscope account, click "Add account": 

  2. Copy the link and click "Connect", which will take you to Periscope's Authorization page:

3. Paste the code, and click authorize. You will be redirected to Socialive, where you'll find your Periscope/Twitter profile available for streaming:

Toggle the icons on to stream to those pages.  Note that you you can stream to Periscope without streaming to Twitter, but cannot stream to Twitter without streaming to Periscope.

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