Socialive and Brightcove have partnered to provide simple integration between the two platforms. 

Access to Brightcove for Everyone in Your Socialive Channel

As you consider linking your Socialive and Brightcove accounts, know that your Brightcove distribution setup is unlike those for Facebook. Once the Administrator has linked a channel to Brightcove, it will be available for any user of that channel.

Connecting Your Brightcove Account 

To connect your Socialive and Brightcove accounts, locate these details in your Brightcove account or by contacting your Brightcove Account Manager: 

  • Live Account ID (or Publisher ID)
  • Credential Label
  • Client ID (or Public Key)
  • Secret (Private Key)
  • API Key 

When you're ready to connect your account, click the "Add Distribution Channel..." box and select the Brightcove option and enter information gathered from your Brightcove account:

What's my Live Account ID?
Your Live Account ID is listed in Brightcove as "Publisher ID". You can find it at

What's my Credential Label, Client ID, and Secret?
You can find these values when you create a "Credential" at

  • Copy the "Label" into Socialive as the "Credential Label"
  • Copy the "Public Key" into Socialive as the "Client ID"
  • Copy the "Private Key" into Socialive as the "Secret"

What's my API Key?
You'll need to get your API key from your Brightcove account representative.

What's my Label (Brightcove Tag)?
The Label field will be displayed in Socialive and will also be applied as a tag to your media asset in Brightcove. You can create multiple Brightcove "channels" using the same credentials, each with a unique label/tag. This gives broadcasters a way to select which Brightcove "channel" to use.

After entering your information, click the "SAVE" link and you'll see the new distribution channel appear in your list. 

When you're ready to Broadcast, select the Brightcove distribution and the "channels" you'd like to stream to.

Brightcove and Socialive will record your broadcasts with video assets available afterwards in your Video Cloud on Brightcove or in the Recordings section of your Socialive account. 


To stream to Brightcove in Socialive Desktop, contact your Brightcove Administrator to learn where to acquire your Brightcove RTMP information, then enter it into the RTMP distribution channel option. 

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