1. Preparing your Phone for Streaming

  2. Getting Started & Logged In to Socialive

  3. Starting a new Live Broadcast

  4. Choosing Social Channel Broadcast Platforms

  5. Going Live

  6. Stopping the Broadcast

  7. Test your Connection

  8. Adjusting Resolution

For info on broadcasting as a guest with the Socialive mobile app, click here.

1. Preparing your Phone for Streaming:

Enable "Do Not Disturb" mode on your phone to avoid interruptions during broadcast.

Disable your phone's Auto-Lock within Settings > Display & Brightness > Auto-Lock > Never

Make sure your phone has a strong & stable internet connection, either through WiFi or cellular, and make sure your device is fully charged.


2. Getting Started:

  1. Open the Socialive app, and log-in with your email & password.

  2. Choose the channel through which you'd like to broadcast.

3. Starting a New Live Broadcast

  1. Choose "Start a live broadcast."

2. Name your Broadcast by entering a Title & Description. This is how the title & description will appear on the Social channels to which you broadcast.

4. Choosing Social Channels

  1. From the "Choose Broadcast Platforms" page, choose to "Add" from the Social Channels you wish to broadcast. Follow the prompts to log in to your desired Social page.

2. Once you're logged in, make sure your desired Social page is toggled "On," and you see your page activated in the "Choose Broadcast Platforms" page.

3. Once you have all your Social Channels activated, press "Next."

Hold the phone horizontally, and click "Continue."

5. Going Live

After you orient your phone & click continue (as seen above), your mobile broadcasting interface will appear.

Here's your live interface, with the buttons labeled:

  1. Settings - Show/hide guides, turn on flash, and test your camera’s network connection and outputting frame rate.

  2. Front-Facing Camera ON/OFF - Enable/disable the "selfie" camera.

  3. Microphone ON/OFF - Enable/disable your phone's audio input.

  4. START/STOP BROADCAST - Take your broadcast live, or end it once you are live.

  5. Exit Broadcast - Leave the broadcast session.

When you press the "START/STOP BROADCAST" button, a countdown will appear ahead of your broadcast being taken to your social page:

Once the countdown has completed, your broadcast will be live! A red window will appear around your video frame, and a countdown at the top of the window will note how long your broadcast has elapsed:

6. Stopping the Broadcast

When you're ready to end the broadcast, press the red "STOP BROADCAST" button at the center of frame. You will be prompted to confirm ending the broadcast:

7. Test Connection

Test your phone's connection before you go live to ensure you'll be sending the broadcast host a clean, stable video signal.

Your speed test will give you a "Upload" reading; anything over 8Mbps is a sign of a strong network connection.

* If your upload speed is below 8Mbps, you'll want to troubleshoot your network connection.

8. Adjusting Resolution

If, after testing your connection you find you have a poor connection, you can adjust your Socialive app to send a lower resolution. This will decrease the chance of your video feed skipping or appearing choppy.

Adjust your resolution in the Broadcast Dashboard, choose "Set Stream Resolution." Adjust as needed.


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