Graphic overlays are a good way to enhance the viewing experience of your broadcast - whether that be by identifying talent appearing on screen, prompting your audience with calls-to-action, or diversifying the flow of the broadcast with full-screen title-cards.

To upload graphic overlays that have been pre-generated (in Photoshop, etc.) to Socialive Desktop, navigate to the Overlay Editor; accessible by the mountain icon (3rd from left below Media Preview window):

After clicking, the "Overlay Editor" window will pop up:

Note: the Overlay Preview show color bars until you have a Live Source or Media Asset in the Playlist. The Live Monitor will not display a picture until your broadcast is Live.

To upload a new overlay, click the "Upload New Overlay" button on left:

Navigate your computer for the file you'd like to upload.

Note the following recommended image sizes:

  • For full-width lower thirds, use 1280x150 px.
  • For smaller watermarks (i.e. logos / corner bugs), use 220x220 px with 8-12 px padding around the margins.
  • For full-screen overlays, use 1280x720px.

Once you're ready to use overlays in your live broadcast, select the overlay you'd like to use. The overlay will generate a green backdrop, and you will see it in the Overlay Preview window. This will NOT take the overlay live:

On the individual overlay's thumbnail, press the "Edit Overlay" button on the bottom-right:

Here you can adjust the overlay's positioning, opacity, hotkey assignment, and name.

When you're ready to send an overlay live to your broadcast, press the green "Apply Changes" button in center of Overlay Editor:

When an overlay is live, it's green backdrop will change to gold, and it will appear in the "Live Monitor" window:

If using many overlays in a given broadcast, save a limited number of overlays in the "Quick Access" tab for easy finding by pressing the "Star" icon on an overlay's thumbnail:

Use a full-screen image (1280x720 px) as a break in the action of your broadcast, or at the start of your broadcast as a title-card:

Using a full-screen image as an overlay places the image on top of the Source that's live in the Playlist:

...but bear in mind; the Audio Source tied to the Live Source will remain audible to the viewers.

Upload your favorite overlays & have a great broadcast!

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