Use the Timeline in Socialive Broadcaster to organize the Live Camera Sources and Media Assets you'll be using in your broadcast, and make it easy to move through the order of your show.

The playlist lives at the bottom of the Socialive Desktop interface:

When you have all your Live Camera or Guest, & Media Asset available, bring a source or asset into the Playlist by clicking & holding, then dragging down:

When pulling a Live Source into the timeline, a pop-up window will appear asking for you to choose a dedicated audio source for that Live Source:

Choosing an Audio Source is only an option for Live Camera sources, or Screen Capture. Guest/Remote Sources & Media Assets will default to their native audio.

After you've loaded the Timeline sources, you can rearrange by dragging them back and forth:

Once you've gone live, you'll know which Playlist Source is live based on a teal box outline:

Switch to the next source by clicking the arrow between the Playlist sources:

Still images default to play for :13 seconds in the playlist, before it auto-switches to the next source.
You can choose to have a photo, or video source play continually by clicking the "Loop" icon underneath their thumbnails in the Playlist:

If a pre-recorded video asset is live, a yellow status bar will appear underneath the video's thumbnail and a countdown clock above the video's thumbnail, indicating how much time until the video ends and the next source is taken live:

Remove any source from the Playlist by clicking the soft-grey "X" icon when hovering over an asset:

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