Creating a Scheduled Event in YouTube Live Streaming allows you to set up YouTube’s unique Stream Name & URL in Socialive ahead of time. This is especially useful if your broadcast is happening off site.

Remember, each live stream will need to be individually started & stopped by the YouTube account manager at once the broadcast is started in Socialive Studio.

To Schedule a live event, navigate to the YouTube Creator Studio:

  1. Navigate to the “Live Streaming” section of YouTube Creator Studio.
  2. Under the “Live Streaming” menu, choose “Events.”
  3. Click on the “New Live Event” in the top-right corner
  1. Enter the title & description.
  2. Set the scheduled start date & time.
  3. Enter any relevant tags.
  4. Under “Type,” choose “Custom.” This will allow you to access the stream URL & stream key/name.
  5. “Save Changes” to move on.

Navigate to the Ingestion Settings tab, if not redirected.

  1. Upload the Thumbnail for your live stream; size 1280px by 720px. You will want to prepare this ahead of time.
  2. Select “Type of Stream Key” > Single-Use
  3. Select “Your Encoder” > Other Encoder
  4. Copy “Stream Name” & “Stream URL” info into corresponding fields in Socialive software, or save until you’re ready.

Start the stream in Socialive. This will not take it live on Youtube.

Navigate to the Live Control Room in Youtube at 

YouTube provides indicators that it is receiving your stream, and has healthy bandwidth:

As mentioned above, the stream will need to be individually started & stopped in the creator studio, even though the event is scheduled. To take the stream live:

  1. Press the "Preview" button.
  2. Press the "Play" button in the preview to ensure your stream feed is coming through.

Press the "Start Streaming" button. This will make the stream visible to viewers.

After broadcasting, END STREAM from both the Socialive broadcaster and the YouTube Live Control Room (you must click to end in both places).

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