This article covers:

  • Copying stream URL & stream key from YouTube

  • Titling a YouTube broadcast

  • Starting a YouTube broadcast via Socialive

To broadcast live to YouTube:

  1. Ensure that live video is enabled on your YouTube account. Learn more.

  2. Go to, found in YouTube Creator Studio.

  3. Click the "Manage" icon located on the left-panel.

  4. Click the blue "Schedule Stream" button in the upper left corner

  5. Create a title/description for the new stream > set the visibility to Public > press the blue "Create Stream" button.

  6. Click the title of the new stream.

  7. Copy the Stream URL  and Stream key/name, found at the bottom of the page.

  8. Enable the "Enable Auto-start" toggle.

Titling a YouTube Broadcast

Titles & descriptions for YouTube broadcasts are populated in YouTube's interface. After you've copied your stream key & URL information, make sure to edit your title & description to your desired copy:

Starting YouTube broadcast in Socialive

  1. Open the Distribution Channels in Socialive's right-hand panel, and choose YouTube.

  2. Paste the Stream URL & Stream Name/Key from YouTube into Socialive:

3. Enable the Youtube Toggle

🎉 You're now ready to stream to YouTube!

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