Here's how to compare Facebook data points from across Pages and Broadcasts in one centralized place: 


  •  Login to the web based Accounts page, then "Analytics" in the top navigation bar

  • Once at the analytics tab, log in to Facebook. 

  • Select the checkbox for the pages you'd like to review

  • Once your pages are selected, scroll down to see all the videos that meet your criteria

Benefits of Analytics

  • View detailed performance insights on any of your live broadcasts with filters for organic, paid, unique views and more

  • Compare data from multiple broadcasts side by side to uncover trends and find out what content performs best

  • Learn more about viewer behavior and audience demographics

  • Use actionable insights to find out what works best and create more engaging content strategy

Coming Soon

  • We are looking to integrate deeper Analytics from the other Social channels soon!

  • Please contact us with specific platforms you're hoping to see analytics for.

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