Performing a test broadcast prior to every live broadcast is recommended to ensure your Internet bandwidth and computer performance is satisfactory. In addition this will allow an opportunity to rehearse your broadcast management and make any technical adjustments ahead of time. 

Tips for Running a Test Broadcast

  •  Create a private test page on Facebook, so you don’t have to test on public pages where viewers will be able to view

  • Make sure to plan a window to run your test prior to going live for viewers, we suggest you run your test at least 1-2 hours ahead of going live

  • Check that your CPU, camera, and Internet bandwidth meet the minimum technical specifications

  • Be sure to check your video, Internet and audio quality during your test

Why Testing a Broadcast is Important

  • Ensuring your internet has enough bandwidth to have a broadcast

  • Ensuring your computer performance is up to standard

  • To become aware of any audio, video, or other technical problems, with enough time to troubleshoot before your broadcast

  • It allows time to rehearse your broadcast and make any adjustments ahead of time

  • You’ll be more comfortable with your live broadcast after going over the details in advance

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