If you need help finding your system specifications, here is a summary for both PC and Mac.

Macbook Pro 13" and Macbook Air not recommended due to lack of a dedicated graphics card and slower CPUs. It is possible that some newer models MAY be able to stream one 720p 30fps camera and support up to 1 or 2 other guest streams)

Note: It may be possible to use a less powerful system to create a Socialive broadcast. However, doing so may create quality issues with your output.

Minimum Mobile Requirements

  • iPhone Model: iPhone 6 or newer (iPhone 6 and iPhone 7 models have 2 and 4 CPUs, respectively so their device bandwidth will be more limited than newer iPhone models that have upwards of 6 CPUs. )
  • Socialive Mobile is currently only on iOS but Android Recorder is now in beta!

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Learn more about our Android Beta here

Note: There will be a series of Socialive updates in the next 5-6 weeks to put up guardrails around keeping the broadcasts steady and seamless. With these updates, we will also be adding better alerts for when a guest may have poor connectivity.

Best Practices for live video streaming

Turn off wifi and connect with ethernet whenever possible
Make sure you're connected to the network by ethernet and have turned off wifi. Wifi signals may not be consistent enough to support high-definition live streaming

Close all non-essential applications and browser tabs
To ensure the smoothest possible live stream, close any browser tab and application that isn't absolutely essential.

Use an external webcam
External webcams have more space for lenses and other electronics, so they typically offer better resolutions, better quality video, and better quality audio.

Use a headset

Using headphones helps eliminate feedback issues from microphones picking up the computer output.

For best results, use a computer with a dedicated graphics card
Computers with a dedicated graphics card (GPU) can usually broadcast smoother, higher-quality video.

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