In the Comments section of the Admin portal, you can easily moderate comments received during your live or past broadcasts. 

This article covers:

  1. Managing a Facebook broadcast's comments through the Socialive Admin Portal

  2. Interacting with your Facebook Audience via Socialive

  3. Pushing a Facebook comment live to the broadcast as an on-screen overlay

  4. Sending Facebook comments to a prompter

Managing Comments for a Broadcast

If the HOST is also managing Facebook comments after your broadcast has started, select the Manage Comments button beneath the Broadcast Monitor.

You can also access that from the main admin portal by clicking on the Comments Button:

You will be directed to Socialive's web-based admin portal, or navigate there directly to log into Facebook.

Choose the Facebook page for which you want to manage Facebook broadcast comments, and your current live broadcasts will appear. 

Choose your live broadcast, then choose "SHOW ALL COMMENTS" from the dropdown option:

Liking, Replying, and Deleting Comments

Under each comment for an event in the Comments Manager is a toolbar with the options to Like, Reply, Delete (hide) each comment.

Liking and replying to comments allows you to engage with your audience.

Clicking Delete will make a comment invisible to public users (e.g. non-admins of the page) without letting the commenter know that you made the change. 

Comments As On-Screen Overlays

You can make a Facebook comment appear on screen by pressing the "LIVE" toggle in the Comments Manager page.

Best Practices

  • As you are viewing the comments as they are coming in select the Bookmark icon to favorite the most interesting comment.

  • Use an iPad to view your live video on Facebook. The iPad can also be used to access the Socialive Comments Manager for viewing comments and the pinning of comments on screen

  • Login to the admin portal after your live video has started

  • Make sure to disable your Internet browser popup blocker

  • Select the appropriate Facebook pages and groups you would like to manage comments

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